• Product Name: JQHS100 Air Winch (Disc Brake Type) With Supported Load of 6.25T
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JQHS100 Air Winch (Disc Brake Type)

With Supported Load of 6.25T


JQHS100 air winch is a kind of single drum type air winch. It adopts compressed air as its power to drive air motor, driving drum via two grades gear (to reduce transmitting speed and enlarge torque) so as to lift and drag heavy cargo. Considering security, this winch is adopts disc air brake. This winch is widely used for drilling platform, marines, minings, engineering sites, etc. to pull heavy cargo.


1. Small in size, light in weight, high in mobility.

2. Flexible to move forward and backward, step-less in speed control.

3. Manual band brake and automatic disc brake. The disc brake keeps winch in brake when winch stops working, providing good safety-guard to winch operation.

4. High starting torque enables start with load, with anti-overload function.

5. Small size, light weight, and mobility.

6. Anti-explosive function, reliable operation under inflammable and explosive environment.

7. Safe operation under high wet, damp conditions.

Technical Parameters:

Working Air Pressure


Rated Load(1st layer)

62.5 kN

Rope speed

0-10 m/min

Drum length

370 mm

Rope diameter

20 mm

Rope capacity

40 m

Motor Air Inlet size

2” NPT

Control Type

Self Controlling Throttle

Brake type

Auto Disc Brake+ Manual Band Brake

Safety Protection

Drum Guard

Air motor


Cylinder Number


Free Speed Rotation

650 rpm

Working Pressure


Rated Power






1270 mm*810mm*860mm


780 kg