• Product Name: TMY8 Vane Air Motor
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  • Added time: 2014-06-13
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Product Introduction:
TMY8 vane air motor is a kind of energy conversing device, which adopts compressed air to rotate vanes, changing air pressure energy into mechanical energy and outputting driving powder.
1. High starting torque enables starting with load, fast and reliable to start and stall;
2. Concise structure, compact in size and light in weight, easy to operate and convenient to maintain;
3. Stable under inflammable, explosive, outdoor, wet, damp and other extremely conditions;
4. The anti-load function enables the motor to rotate at low speed when overload, and regain high speed when overload relived.
5. Change air-inlet and air-outlet direction to rotate and counter-rotate;
6. Stepless in speed, adjusting air volume to change rotate speed and power;
7. Widely used in mining, oilfields, constructions, smelting, paper making, pharmacy chemicals. This motor is ideal mated driving machine for large-scale drilling machines.
Technical Parameters:

Working Pressure (MPa)

No-Load Speed (r/min)

Rated Speed (r/min)

Rated Power (KW)