• Product Name: TMC6B Gear Air Motor
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  • Added time: 2014-06-09
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TMC6B gear air motor is an output energy changing device which changes pressure energy into mechanical energy by expansion of compressed air.
1. Stepless speed control; rotation speed and power can be changed simply by inlet air volume or pressure;
2. Rotating and counter-rotating, with little impact when changing rotation directions;
3. Safe working from effection of vibrations, high temperature, vibrations, wet damp, dust and other extremely conditions;
4. Anti-overload function relieves your anxiety of overloading;
5. Wide range power and speed control;
6. High starting torque enables direct starting with load, swiftly starting and stopping;
7. Easy performance and maintenance;
Widely used as driving power for rock drilling, exploting, embraking machines and tools.
Technical Parameters:

Working Pressure (MPa)

Normal Rotary Speed (r/min)

Normal Power (KW)