Operation and maintenance of pneumatic winch


1, not arbitrary removal tool parts after the operation, in addition to affect the safety of the authors will cause damage of tools.
2, if the tool failure or slightly by using cannot achieve its function, cannot again continue to use, check immediately. On a regular basis (about once a week) to check and maintenance tools, add butter (Grease) in turn part of bearing, add the Oil (Oil) in the pneumatic motor parts.
3, using a variety of tools, be sure to use comply with all safety rules and instructions.
4, should choose the appropriate tools work, tools too easy work damage, tools a little easy to cause damage.
5, the inlet pressure to tool the entrance (the gas pressure of the air compressor) is commonly 90 psig (6.2 Kg/cm ^ 2), too high, too low are detrimental to performance and life of tools.

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