Pneumatic winch using matters should be paid attention to


1, pneumatic motor first and then the drive gear in action. Start, should first stop on the drum brake band, loosen the big gear brake handle, the drum is not turning, only ouchi gear rotary.
2, if you want to start the reel, must first loosen completely on the drum brake band, and brake tight ouchi gear brake band. The drum rotation and coil wire rope.
3, in the process of pneumatic winch work, if you want to enable the air winch stop running, can loosen the ouchi gear brake band, to brake drum brake on the tight.
4, when to start the electric car, two brake not brake at the same time, otherwise easy to cause the burning of the motor.
5, pneumatic winch brake drum and bearing temperature should not exceed 70 ℃, if the temperature sharp rise, must immediately stop check.
6, in order to prevent dust intrusion and lubricating oil spills, pneumatic winch sealing device must be intact.
7, to ensure the safety of the operation before driving must first check whether winch rope head, internal structure and drive to see if there is any breakage or biting phenomenon, as well as the internal parts with and without excessive wear, and so on and so forth. Confirmed rear can drive a car.

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